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While facilitating online trading and providing invaluable insights for the procurement of power and aerospace parts and repair services.

Step 1

Sellers and buyers create accounts.

Step 2

Sellers register products and buyers shop for them.

Step 3

Buyers request RFQ and sellers offer their best quote.

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Cadexplat is a cutting-edge B2B platform designed to facilitate connections between buyers and sellers within the dynamic energy and aerospace sectors. Whether you’re a manufacturer seeking to showcase your products to procurement teams or a discerning buyer in search of a swift and reliable process to acquire top-tier solutions or products, Cadexplat is your comprehensive solution. Experience a seamless journey from discovery to transaction, all on one innovative platform.

What We Offer

Cadexplat’s platform is intuitive and easy to use. Getting up and running with an account will take only a few minutes.

Save Time and Money

Cadexplat’s AI-based platform streamlines your procurement processes, reduces human errors, and reduces costs.

Insightful Data

Receive a comprehensive overview, with real-time key metrics and detailed breakdowns on an intuitive dashboard.

Activity Tracking

Our platform manages, tracks and stores all of your activity so you can confidently make informed decisions.

Reporting & Analysis

Inventory on our platform is up-to-date, quality tested, and documented for full transparency and reliability.

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